Network Airline Management and Astral Aviation Fly Urgent Relief Goods For Canadian Red Cross to Somaliland

Over 57 tones of urgent relief goods were transported by Network Airline Management, the freighter division of the Network Aviation Group, on behalf of the Canadian Red Cross to a field hospital in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

The cargo, which was mainly IV fluid, was flown from Liege to Nairobi on Astral’s and Network Airline Management’s wet leased B747-400F. From Nairobi, it was transported to Hargeisa via three consecutive B727-200F charter flights operated by Astral Aviation.

The alliance between Network Airline Management (NAM) and Astral Aviation resulted in a seamless operation from NAM’s hub in Liege via the Astral hub in Nairobi to its destination in Hargeisa.

Astral has recently announced scheduled services to Hargeisa operating every day 4 from Nairobi with their B727-200F, and, in conjunction with NAM, operate flights three times a week from Liege to Nairobi.

Andy Walters, commercial director, said, “The flight, for our customer NEO Charter Air and the Charterstore, sent IV fluid to a local hospital which treats over 140 cholera patients daily. The Red Cross is providing vital healthcare to thousands of people and these life-saving supplies are invaluable and will help to reduce the numbers of children dying from cholera in this area.”



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