PM Sharmake Meets Somaliland Opposition To Boost Campaign

Somalia Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmake held a closed door meeting with Somaliland opposition leader in Nairobi Kenya to woo them in to backing his presidential ambitions, Radio Dalsan has learnt.

A source who was present in the meeting held at Serena Hotel in the Kenya capital told Radio Dalsan that top Wadani leader Abdirahman Abdullahi Irro led the opposition delegation.

The agenda according to the source was seeking support from Somaliland in the coming Presidential elections.

The meeting also discussed on possible funding of Somaliland opposition from Sharmake’s foreign contacts and bringing the breakaway region into fold.

The Premier had lost hopes of influencing the Somaliland MPs after his push to have the elections held at Halane hit a snag.

President Hassan Sheikh has also been wooing Somaliland MPs.

Somalilanders on social media have stormed the opposition accusing them of “selling their country”.

The breakaway region has been seeking recognition since 1991 when civil war broke out after the fall of Siyad Barre.

Turkey has been funding talks between Hargeysa and Mogadishu with delegations from both sides meeting in Istanbul and Djibouti since 2014.

Written by Hassan istiila


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