Somaliland: MP Rooble Likely To Lose Parliamentary Immunity On Treason Charges

By Madar Jimale

Knowing sources have revealed that there is a motion underway against a member of the Somaliland parliament who has blatantly, according to the grounds cited, flaunted the solemn, on-Quran oath he has taken to, in effect, protect country, safeguard unity and to uphold and cherish all that is beneficial to Somaliland and its people.

If this is truly as has been leaked out, it is a victory for Somaliland nationalism. If not, the demise of a budding, great future for the Republic.

Article 129 of the constitution of the Republic of Somaliland stipulates that the ‘Chairman of the Supreme Court, who is, at the same time, the Chairman of the Constitutional Court, shall administer this constitutional oath to any person who is obliged to take an oath under the Constitution before that person can assume his office,’ :


MP Saeed Elmi Rooble does not only shamefully parody his role as a national MP, but has openly become notorious in campaigns against Somaliland development at every turn, and against every issue that aims to do that.

The latest indiscretion MP had been splashed all over YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and the like in the form of a WhatsApp message he taped for clan members of his clan. In this communication, Mr. Rooble briefs members of his clan in this closed group on how far his opposition to the development of the national port of Berbera has progressed.

“They (government) have imprisoned opponents to the DP World agreement (of this clan) in droves… Let them do. It is nothing… So far, every step they have taken has been successfully thwarted… They have approached Ali Hoor-Hoor last night at 11:00 p.m. and he rejected their proposal (to side with them),” he says in this harangue at varied occasions.

Mr. Rooble accuses members of his clan of not wholly siding with his unholy crusade against a national facility. He specifically mentions Musa Dalab and alludes to other businesspersons, claiming that they were promised side contracts.

The message which somehow found its way out of the supposedly closed-membership group identifies the MP squarely as a traitor who can be indicted, along with other social media harangues, as a sworn anti-Somalilander working for interest groups inimical to the republic, its unity, sovereignty, development, aspirations and peace and stability.

Inexplicably, he has been allowed to use the national parliament official, press conferences backdrop as his venomous spouts against the Republic in order to line his pockets. In most i

In most instances, MP Rooble beats tribal drums to attract other traitors of the same feather. Most often than not, he echoes Mogadishu’s views and solicits financial and moral support from sworn enemies of the Somaliland sovereignty.

Below is a good example (attached):

Rooble was the major speaker and organizer of above press conference not only to project himself as a prime mover of any initiative in the Sahel areas but also to tarnish the good name of one of the three national, political parties in Somaliland.

He never stopped his opposition, in this instance, against the national seaport of Berbera in the misconception that it was the property of his clan – not the nation.

Rooble organized second, third…fourth press conferences in which he speaks directly to his clan through the national media turning his back on the national oath he has solemnly undertaken to uphold.

See below the 31 July 2016 press conference he held with other MPs of his clan – an open call to arms:

and, below YouTube video, which samples the intensity of the MP’s malice against the Republic of Somaliland and its much-suffered public, posted some six months ago:

See also:

By Madar Jimale

NY, United States


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